Staying ahead of the curve

Until very recently, I have PA’d and I have temped, and both of these meant that a significant chunk of my income came from unemployment and went to credit cards. This is not the way to wealth. But I recently got a full-time job as an assistant at CBS. It’s still not the way to wealth, exactly, but I can afford to buy new jeans when mine rip, so it sure feels wealthy to me. To celebrate, I upgraded my cable. All of the award-nominated shows were on HBO and Showtime, after all. To write successful specs, it helps to spec successful shows. My old method of just catching up when I was visiting my parents for the holidays (and taking advantage of their satellite service) just wasn’t cutting it. Finally! I could discuss new shows while they were actually new!

So what was the big story this awards season? Netflix. I, of course, have Netflix. I get discs. Because listening to commentary is like a cheap production class and I prefer to have the captioning on, and I don’t have a device that streams to my TV. So once again, I am behind the curve. Dammit.

And my DVR is already too full! It’s premiere season! Are you watching all of the premieres? You should be. Even the terrible ones. You don’t have to keep watching the show, but you should have an opinion about the premiere. Fox surprised everyone when they announced a second-season pickup for Sleepy Hollow. There hasn’t even been a cancellation yet! Everyone else is looking to November sweeps. That’s Fox, Crazy Like A.

But there’s a reason networks are generally more cautious than that. I’m enjoying Sleepy Hollow, and I hope it stays good. But I also watched season 1 of The Following. And Under the Dome. And I’m pretty sure both of those shows are going to see steep drop-offs in viewership in their second seasons. By the end, people were hate-watching, or watching just to laugh about online the next day, or feeling obligated, since they were only 13 episodes, to just finish it out. None of those people will come back. They’ll be too busy streaming shows directly into their heads, or whatever is going to supplant Netflix.

Hey, maybe books will make a comeback! I have lots of those. Paper ones, even. Yes, ahead of the curve again! Why are you laughing?


About Generation Coax

I am an aspiring TV writer, amateur photographer, and craft hobbyist.
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