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Cooking and a Writer

I didn’t read all of this, because cooking isn’t an activity I enjoy. But it did remind me of a story: When I was a production assistant on Jericho, we shot in the middle of an industrial area in Van … Continue reading

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Read this.

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Coming Of Age

The Hairpin ran an article today asking women whether or not they felt like an adult. It’s an interesting discussion. Everyone comes to adulthood differently, and while some people answer “it happens on your 18th birthday,” most of the answers … Continue reading

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Reading Ratings

One of the first things I learned when I started a production job, lo these many years ago, was how to read ratings. The Futon Critic has a great FAQ section on the difference between ratings and share. A lot … Continue reading

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We’re Into Money

Defamer ran this article today on WGA minimums. It’s rather mislabeled – as Beejoli says, your favorite television writers are likely show creators (unless they’re personal friends of yours, you probably do not notice the names of the other writers) … Continue reading

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A little behind-the-scenes: at my current job, I have access to scripts for new shows. I’m allowed to read them, although no one really cares what I think about them. One of our new shows is still working out their … Continue reading

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I have a cold, which caused me this morning to remember a script I wrote a couple years ago that included a throwaway joke, the punchline of which was meth causing a person to be stuffed up. I had assumed … Continue reading

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