Happy New Year!


Thanksgiving’s tough. It’s a short holiday – even at a four-day weekend, if you’re traveling, it’s too short to see everyone. It’s a crowded holiday. It marks the start of Christmas season, which means it’s filled with anxiety and lists and crowds. It’s hard to leave Thanksgiving and go back to real life when real life is the fun-house version of itself with parties and glitter and clowns popping out at you any second.

Christmas is easier. Christmas is the end. There’s no more fretting about presents, because they’re done. (I make presents. There is much fretting.) By the time New Year’s comes around, I’m ready to leave my family, much as I love them, and go back to patting my cats and sleeping in my bed and walking in the warm L.A. weather. (Stay safe, New England! When I was flying out of Providence, the TSA agent looked at my ID and asked, “Going home?” I said, “To home, from home, you know how it is.” She nodded and said, “You’re going to miss all the snow.” I said, “That’s… debatable.”)

And there’s the promise of a New Year – hooking up all the new electronics, buying all the groceries, making all the resolutions. My yoga teacher insists, “They’re not resolutions; they’re intentions. You can’t fail an intention.” Which… it’s sort of the point to shame yourself a little? I don’t know if that’s healthy or not. My resolution is to use what I have. It’s not an intention because I must follow through. It is a resolution. Primarily, it applies to my craft supplies because they’re threatening to take over my apartment and I have to use them. But it applies in other way, too. When deciding what to spec this year, I thought, “what do I have?” I have access to some current scripts. I should take advantage of that – the start of a new spec always means finding old scripts of the show to emulate, and I have them readily available. I will enter the writing contests this year. That’s a resolution. And it means starting now.

Yesterday I stopped by The Grove and picked up a little glass terrarium. I said, “This year, I will be the type of person who doesn’t kill plants.” Now THAT’S an intention.


About Generation Coax

I am an aspiring TV writer, amateur photographer, and craft hobbyist.
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