Yoda Was Wrong


I was thinking more about resolutions vs. intentions, and I think it comes down to Yoda. He said, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Which is the difference – a resolution leads directly to an action. Intention seems to be the correct word when the resolution boils down to, “be a better person.” Whether you think that will happen through going to the gym or flossing or volunteering more often, if your actual intention is to be a better person, it’s easy to not follow through. But intending to be a better person makes you feel like a better person, so you can’t fail. My resolution to enter the contests? Unlikely to make me a better person. If I am very, very lucky and we stretch the definition a bit it might make me a more accomplished person, but not a better person. But I will do it. I am resolved to do it. I can fail, but barring catastrophic accident or injury, I won’t. And if I do have a catastrophic accident or injury, I should really make it the subject of my application essay. Resolved!

I intend to spend today writing. It will look a lot like watching TV and making notes, but that’s because I’m in the beginning stages. Since this is when the story gets worked out, it ends up being a whole lot of work resulting in very few pages being used. Oh, and solitaire. It looks a LOT like playing solitaire. If I am lucky, I will finish today with a partially-completed beat sheet. Then I will subject my friends to it.


About Generation Coax

I am an aspiring TV writer, amateur photographer, and craft hobbyist.
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