For Your Consideration

Let's all go to the lobby

Most of the world has winter, spring, summer and fall. We have Pilot Season, Vacation, Fire Season and Awards Season. I almost titled this post, “What Is This Winter You Speak Of?” but considering the cold snap covering most of the country and skipping us completely, I didn’t think it would be taken as the joke I intended.

When I was home at Christmas, my brother asked me, “Is there really an awards season? I thought award shows happened all year round.” Well, yes and no. The Emmys are in September. And lots of other awards that are more show than award, like the VMAs, happen other times. But the People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globes, Producer’s Guild Awards, SAG Awards, Grammys, DGA Awards, WGA Awards and Oscars are all from January to March.

I’ve been clearing off my DVR and noticed that half of the commercials right now are for movies. But they’re not the standard commercial that aims to make you want to see the movie. They’re just lists of critics who liked it, or interviews with the actors talking about how much they loved making this movie. The clips are cut so the jokes are missing punchlines. They’re designed for academy voters (who have already received screeners) to get them to vote to nominate the movie. They don’t use the words “for your consideration,” but they’re definitely implying it. I’m not sure if they’re better or worse than car commercials. Better than medical ads, anyway.


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