How Am I Going to Be an Optimist About This?

The AVClub: “White Collar Has Been Canceled”

The Hollywood Reporter: “USA Renews White Collar”

Here’s the thing: These are the exact same story. That story being that White Collar had a final, shortened season ordered.

And if you break it down, you’ll realize that actually the AVClub is coming from a place of optimism while THR is coming from a place of pessimism. The AVClub apparently assumed that White Collar would be on forever and ever and ever (with USA’s track record, this is not a leap), so the “final season” bit was a surprise, and for them, the real story. THR had apparently already dug White Collar’s grave, so for them the news of a “final season” that hadn’t already happened was the surprise. These things make me laugh.

In other news, NBC announced that they are shuttering Television Without Pity. This makes me very very very very very very very very sad. I may not have always agreed with them, but TWoP has been a great resource for me for many years now. They’ve been a time-waster when I’ve temped in offices that didn’t give me anything to do. They’ve been a resource when my writing teacher assigned random episodes of shows to watch (24, season 5, episode 20) and I wanted to know how the episode was received in context. They even helped me figure out where the leak in our production was coming from when I was on Jericho. And I know not everyone is a fan of Jacob Clifton in particular, but the way he connects plot threads blows my mind. (Read his Battlestar Galactica recaps if you haven’t already but you watched the show.) There are shows that I might actually drop from my watch list because I won’t be able to read the recaps of them anymore. RIP, TWoP.


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