The Leftovers, Season 1

This is the sort of premise that appeals to me: What if, one day, everyone on the planet got PROOF that there is a God, and it’s not like you think? This is not a premise that’s going to appeal to everyone. It’s not at all about the mystery of what happened to those people, although we’ve all been hard-wired by procedurals to expect it to be. It’s not even about how the world goes on without the departed: 2% of the population disappeared. That’s not enough to solve the unemployment or housing crises. But in a town of 5000 people (which is a TINY town), that’s 100 people disappeared, which is a MAJOR event. 2% is plenty for everyone to notice. So the show is entirely about the psychology of these people trying to deal with this major event. Spoiler alert: most of the planet loses their damn minds. But although there are tiny hints of what’s happening elsewhere- news reports we only hear a few words of, a disturbing phone call from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Cults- it’s just a handful of people in a tiny town that we’re following who are just trying to keep living their lives in a world that just doesn’t make sense. Or didn’t make sense, for one moment, but the ripples are going to be felt forever. Today is the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Every child, right now, doesn’t remember that day. If they were alive to witness it, they weren’t old enough to really remember. In The Leftovers, they’re three years from the moment and there’s no enemy to go after. There’s no cause that can be explained. It’s a show about pure, worldwide PTSD. I dig it.


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