Daredevil: Season 1, Episode 4: “In the Blood”

The title card tells us we’re at “Utkin Prison, Siberia, 8 years ago.” Oh, so now we’re going to get informative title cards, huh? All this time, the show’s been keeping us in the thematically-appropriate dark, and now they’re going to give us specific places and dates. You’ve changed, show. Vladamir and Anatoly, the two Russians who’ve been kidnapping young women and younger boys in the present day, are debriefing from Anatoly’s latest torture session. Vlad has killed their roommate and torn out a rib to use as a shiv. Hardcore.

In Hell’s Kitchen in the present, the boys are being scared off by Daredevil. Because he’s way scarier than their prison guards, even though throwing a guy out a window really winds him. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the brothers have softened a bit since their prison days, which accounts for their fear. Credits!

Claire is stitching up Matt, which is this show’s favorite special effect. She tells him that the guy he threw off the roof is in a coma, that she’s allergic to cats but she’s using up all her sick days hiding from the Russians in the apartment of a friend with a cat, and he needs to get body armor. And yes, now that line in the last episode about her not being at work makes sense, because since the guy saw which apartment she lived in and then placed a call to the other Russians, they’re afraid someone might show up there looking for her or figure out who she is and where she works and show up there, so she’s calling in sick. No, wait, actually, she should still be going to work. Calling in is an abundance of caution that, for instance, Matt is not taking when he insists body armor would slow him down. Claire points out that this system where he drops in on her friend’s apartment is presupposing she won’t get a social life at any point, but Matt’s got a burner phone so he can call ahead and she can call him if necessary. Matt demonstrates his new game of dropping the name “Wilson Fisk” to see who has a heart attack and says nothing shows up on a Google search. I always love how shows can pretend that’s a thing that happens. I had to look up a doctor recently whose name was almost un-Googleable, but that’s because it consisted of a common name and a common word. The only way a person is un-Googleable is if their name is too common.

Necktie shows up at the Russian brother’s taxi stand to announce they were successful at killing Prohaszka (last episode), buying his taxi stand, and merging it with the Russians. Then he scolds the boys for not delivering more girls. They try to divert his attention by pointing out that Daredevil now knows the name “Wilson Fisk,” which they had been working so hard to keep secret. Since one person knows the name and is dropping it all over the city, they have no problem dropping it themselves. Seems Fisk wants to come in and run the “operation” himself (kidnapping or taxis? Not clear) but the brothers aren’t too keen on that. Ooh, Necktie is named Wesley. They decide to go wake up the guy in the coma so he can tell them who Daredevil is and they can take him out.

Karen’s meeting with the journalist. She wrote out her experiences and he basically tells her the story is too crazy to print and also everyone involved is dead except her so she should “count the angels on the head of a pin and move on.” I know they’re fond of their religious allusions, but I’m not getting this one. “Count the angels on the head of a pin” is supposed to be an impossible task, like passing a camel through the eye of a needle. He’s not giving her an impossible task. Karen points out that since Union Allied is dissolving, they should find out who the assets are being sold to, because it’s probably the new Union Allied. The journalist points out Karen is not necessarily the most reliable witness, but she counters that he is the most reliable journalist so why is he gaslighting her?

Hospital! Roof guy is not only in a coma and on a ventilator, he”s got halos on two of his limbs. The boys waste no time disconnecting the ventilator, although he keeps breathing on his own, and then shoving a needle of epinephrine into his chest. But also arguing over how they don’t talk anymore over his prone body. I looked it up because I was like, “wouldn’t that be adrenaline?” and it turns out epinephrine is adrenaline, so score one to their researcher.  They finally realize they should remove the intubation if they want to actually talk with this guy. He first says the guy who attacked him was the devil, but then whispers Claire’s address (so maybe they were right to be nervous, although clearly not nervous enough, as we’ll see) and possibly dies?

The brothers break into Claire’s place, which is an immediate cue for Santino, the kid upstairs who helped carry Matt into Claire’s apartment and then roof guy to the roof, to show up like, “Victims on delivery! What information would you like to torture me for today?”

Wesley is consulting with Wilson Fisk on the Russians, although they’re in “wait and see” mode. He insists on going by himself into an art gallery, and it’s the gallery with the white canvas from last episode and he’s there to ask out the curator. She is consistently terrible at saying things that forge human connection, but he’s an evil mastermind so he’s totally into it. She tells him she can’t abandon the gallery to join him for dinner, but then taunts him for taking no for an answer (I really don’t like this woman) and they end up going to an Italian joint. Her name is Vanessa and she’s dressed all in white to his all-black outfit.

Claire scolds the cat for not eating the food she’s just put out. One of my cats will meow at me like that if I feed her and then stay in the kitchen, making myself food. It turns out that cats have two modes: attention and ignore. They want attention when they want attention and they want to be ignored when they want to be ignored. My cat will only eat when she’s being ignored, but she doesn’t know the difference between me being in the kitchen ignoring her and me being in the kitchen paying attention to her. I tend to feel like this is her problem, I am also hungry, and if it bothers her so much she can wait the two minutes until I’m done. Claire can immediately sense that something’s off, but since it’s just a neighbor in the hallway she doesn’t notice the person on the fire escape.

Foggy and Matt are leaving the courthouse after bailing out an electrician who nearly burned his house down. Foggy tells what is apparently his go-to joke about how his mother wanted him to be a butcher, which is his version of “dammit, Jim, I’m a lawyer, not a doctor.” The electrician “accidentally” set the fire with gasoline and cigarettes because his wife just left him, and for some reason this appeals to Matt. We know this character has no business sense but we’re supposed to be on his side because he at least has a strong moral sense, but apparently he doesn’t even have that. He says they’re making a difference, although he can’t point out a direct way that’s true. Then Foggy leaves in a cab while Matt answers his phone to hear Claire being kidnapped. Keep in mind, Foggy thinks Matt is your average blind guy, and he left him in the middle of the city.

Matt finds Claire’s apartment empty, so he listens for the Russian guys who drop Santino’s name. Why did they even ask Santino’s name? Why are they referring to him by name now?

Karen’s taken to hanging out at office furniture auctions to find out who’s buying Union Allied assets and sketch everyone who bids. Apparently these auctions are held in darkened auditoriums in the middle of the night, because that’s not sketchy at all. The journalist shows up and does that thing where he tells her to look around and then yells at her for moving her head so she’ll gasp and look TOTALLY SUSPICIOUS. There are two other people there not bidding and they’re probably looking for anyone who’s following the asset trail so they can kill those people or something, so now Karen has to buy something to prove that she’s not one of those people and the journalist just disappears because these stupid rules don’t apply to him.

Matt asks Santino if he remembers anything about the guys who “asked” him about Claire, and he saw them get into the front seat of a taxi, like assholes.

Speaking of assholes, Vanessa and Wilson Fisk are on their date and she is actually impressed by watching him swirl and sample his wine, even when he says he doesn’t know much about wine. They compare childhoods and Wilson Fisk says his ultimate goal is to make the city a better place for people like Vanessa. So white, overeducated, unafraid of wearing impeccable white suits or saying she thinks the art she’s selling is overrated. He wants more people like that.

Claire’s being beaten up by the Russians, but when the lights to the taxi garage get cut she starts laughing that they can just ask him their questions themselves. She’s smart enough to slide off of the folding chair they have her on to the ground and then curl up to stay safe. I’d say even safer would be inside of the taxi, but I understand if she doesn’t feel comfortable standing up to open the door. One of the Russians tries to take her hostage but that’s a bad move because Daredevil breaks his arm. Claire then picks up the bat they were just using on her and breaks his head. Good for her!

Karen debriefs with the journalist (Ben) and he’s apparently decided to continue investigating the story, just without her help. Turns out there’s a trail of bodies following his most famous stories and he points out she was nearly already a body and he’s not even writing anything yet. He agrees to work with her but tells her to sign the non-disclosure agreement that Union Allied offered last episode. Since it’s his story and she’ll be a confidential source, he figures she’ll be safe.

Vlad and Anatoly apparently weren’t in the garage for the Claire interrogation? Where were they? They found Claire, put her in a trunk and then… left her to one of their minions? Basically, they need to still be physically dangerous, which none of the guys who sparred with Daredevil still are, so it’s a writer’s convenience. Fisk wants to talk with them. Vlad doesn’t want to, but Anatoly’s been more receptive all along and says he’ll “bow for both of [them].” He at least recognizes that they need help overcoming Daredevil.

Wilson and Vanessa are continuing their date, which is going pretty well for two wildly anti-social people. Anatoly barges into the restaurant, shouting his allegiance, which embarrasses Wilson in front of his date and tips her off that something about this guy is very, very wrong. He ushers her out as fast as he can but the damage is done.

Karen is trying to pass off her auction win as being on purpose by being excited about it, but it’s not necessary since it turns out all Foggy’s been wanting to feel like a success is a dedicated fax machine. (Question: do they have a dedicated fax phone line?) He tells her the butcher story, but she’s charmed by it because it’s the first time she’s heard it.

It’s Matt’s turn to stitch up Claire, but he feels bad enough to let her in on personal details of his life, like his dad being a boxer and his real name being Matt. Also, that he’s just trying to make the city a better place, which puts him in direct competition with Wilson Fisk, who’s just trying to make the city… a… better… place. Conflict! Claire admits to being scared, but says she’s in it.

Wilson Fisk drops off Vanessa at home. He asks if there will be another date, but she’s too freaked out by what happened and turns him down. She does leave the door open by saying she doesn’t know how she feels, but it’s enough for Fisk to want blood. So he beats Anatoly and then slams his head in the car door until it finally comes off, as you do. In the struggle, we learn that he wears Kevlar-lined suits. He acknowledges that this will start a war with the Russians, but says “he’s counting on it.” Hey, it’s not like he has a girlfriend to spend time and attention on, so why not?


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