Fall Premieres

Minority Report: It’s the movie, but in TV-series form! Which… actually, isn’t accurate at all. There’s a lot of retconning that happens here so the plot can keep going indefinitely. One of the touches I was especially fond of was explaining why Dash is the way he is – he missed out on decades of personal development. His early childhood was spent as a vegetable. (The show says “brain dead” but they can only mean it colloquially, not literally.) His late childhood and early adulthood was spent in a sensory deprivation tank. So yes, he spends a lot of time acting like a six-year-old, because that’s about how old he is, emotionally and socially. Unfortunately, after Almost Human, I’m just not sure I trust Fox with hard sci-fi. Yeah, they had Fringe, but that show started very soft and then evolved. This show starts hard. I am wary.

Blindspot: There’s a weird moment, to me, at the end of the episode when we see a flashback to Jane Doe reluctantly agreeing to have her memories erased, as if that’s supposed to be a big revelation. Do they think we’ve never watched TV before? Or, like Jane, we’ve forgotten everything we’ve ever seen? It looks like this show will be following a very predictable path, but then there is an audience for that. Also, the Big Bad for the episode was planning on blowing up the Statue of Liberty because of Symbolism. Which is not how terrorism works, at least in this country. If the Statue of Liberty blew up, people would be very upset, and then they would fix it. That’s about it. Which is maybe why it’s apparently so easy to bring a bomb there?

Muppets: I am not disappointed. I know this show is different than how we’ve seen the Muppets before, but honestly I feel like this time, the update was perfectly timed and calibrated for me. We’ll see how it goes, of course, but the behind-the-scenes stresses and real-life drama that makes its way into a TV show? I am there!

Scream Queens: I enjoyed this show more than I expected to enjoy a Ryan Murphy show. There were parts I liked and parts I didn’t. I think the jokes I most responded to were the ones where the punchline was a failure of the main characters to scale their reactions to the events: A girl sees another girl kill someone and so she wants to destroy the murderer’s reputation. After multiple people have died in a sorority house as a result of the sisters’ negligence and abuse, the killer leaves them a message that says “Sluts must die,” as if their real sin is their promiscuity.

Limitless: It’s the movie, but in TV-show form! I assume; I never saw the movie. But it’s pretty and slick and doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, so probably? I assume that last one will get fixed since it’s really hard to have a TV show that doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, but I’ll just have to watch and see. Disclaimer: I know a couple of the writers on this show. I haven’t spoken to them in person since I worked on Jericho, but they’re good guys and they’ve been posting about it on Facebook. The ratings last night were good (it built from NCIS: NOLA, which is really good) so hopefully they’ll be employed for a while.


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